Mediterranean Diet 101

Low Carb Mediterranean Diet

Low Carb Mediterranean Diet is normal Mediterranean Diet with reduced carbohydrate intake. It is great weight loss diet, especially when cycling carbs - for many people, cycling carbs and eating Mediterranean Diet foods is practically a lifestyle.

Mediterranean Diet Foods article (link opens in the new window) lists foods and explain why each of them is so important for human health. In low carbohydrate Mediterranean Diet some listed foods are avoided or at least, they are eaten in very small amounts. These foods are:

- potatoes, rice

- bananas and similar fruits

- whole grain bread, couscous, pasta

- brown sugar

Don't even think about white rice, ordinary sugar and similar foods. Junk food - forget it, even as occasional cheat meal.

This is strict diet - calories come from fats and protein, but you are still allowed to eat vegetables and fruits like broccoli, spinach, eggplants, cherries, blackberries etc. Since there are so many foods to eat, if you plan it correctly, you will eat very tasty and voluminous meals.

Low Carb Mediterranean Diet Recipes

hard-boiled-eggs-mHere are few recipes suitable for low carbohydrate Mediterranean Diet. How much carbs you are allowed to eat depends on your dieting plan, goals and many other individual preferences. Anyway, good starting measure is 50g of carbohydrates on low carb days and maybe 100g on moderate carbohydrate days. As one can see, you stay away from ketosis and you are free to eat plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables, just be careful about amounts. For high carbohydrate days I recommend same meals as on other days, just increase carb intake before and after workouts.

Before going for any serious weight loss, check your health at your doctor or physician. If you are overweight and you don't intend to lose weight, check yourself in the mirror. In underwear. Then schedule appointment at your doctor and go for Carbohydrate Cycling Diet - Mediterranean Diet style :o)

Here are few recipes more than suitable for low carb Mediterranean Diet:

fried-hake-filletsFried hake fillets are rich in protein, low on fat, have no carbs. There are some minerals and omega-3, but not much of omega-3 when compared with some fattier fish.

grilled-sea-bream-mGilthead sea bream is one of the delicacies from the sea - it is rich in protein and healthy fats and can be found year around on fish markets. Sea bream grilled in non-stick grilling pan is quick and easy recipe to make.

bedtime protein shakeBedtime protein shake and smoothie are made of slow digesting protein powder and low fat or cottage cheese. Adding other ingredients improves taste and content regarding healthy fats and fibers. Healthy bedtime snacks are healthy foods that make you full and satiated for long period of time.

prawns-with-veggies-mSteamed prawns with vegetable mix is quick, healthy and tasty meal. It is rich in protein and carbs with plenty of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Adding olive oil improves already great taste and also increases calories from fats.

salmon-fillets-zucchini-mGrilled salmon fillets with vegetables (zucchini this time) is one of the best meals for anybody wanting low calorie, protein rich meal. Fats are moderate, but this fat comes from one of the best sources - salmon.

Of course, there are many other recipes suitable for low carb Mediterranean Diet - just obey these few rules:

- use low carb and low fat protein source like fish, cottage or low fat cheese and similar. Fats should be as healthy as possible. Fatty fish species like eels and similar are great, just be careful about your macronutrients.

- use leafy and green vegetables - they are great source of fibers and their volume will make meals digest more slowly and keep you satiated for longer period of time. Not to mention their vitamin, mineral, antioxidants etc content.

- use healthy fat sources - fatty fish, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, milled flax seeds etc.

These rules are simple, have them in mind even when shopping for groceries, since what you don't have at home, you can't cook and eat :o)

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