What is the Mediterranean Diet

sardines mMediterranean Diet can be described as nutrition based on:

- eating plenty of green and leafy vegetables,

- eating locally grown fruits,

- grain products are based on whole grains, starchy vegetables (like potatoes) and similar foods (rice, couscous etc) are eaten, but due to high physical activity, energy from those carbs is not stored as body fat. In modern Mediterranean Diet, these carbs are kept under moderation, depending on many individual preferences,

- dairy products are eaten every day (milk and other dairy products from various domestic animals),

- fish is eaten often, in some areas, even several times per day,

- eggs are eaten 1-2 per day, cooked or fried or as part of some other meal,

- poultry is consumed several times per week, in relatively small amounts,

- red meat is eaten few times per month.

Macronutrient Sources on Mediterranean Diet

Main sources of proteins are fish, eggs, dairy products, but also some protein comes from plants and this protein should not be neglected, especially since plant foods is consumed with animal foods,

Main sources of fats are olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, butter, egg yolks,

Main sources of carbohydrates are grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

Due to large intake of leafy and green vegetables, whole grain foods, fruits and other similar foods, fiber content is high - if you are going to change your eating lifestyle to Mediterranean Diet, be sure to gradually increase fiber intake - this will help you to avoid any kind of stomach and digestion discomfort that could appear otherwise.

Mediterranean Diet Desserts

healthy-pancakes-mmixed-berries-m2If you are really determined to achieve your goals and you are capable of eating for months without cheating - good thing for you.

The rest of us need something more from time to time - some good cheat meal and of course - a nice dessert ...

Published: March 31, 2021.

Mediterranean Diet for Women

zsuzsanna-toldi-m1chicken ceasar salad recipe mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast

healthy-pancakes-mBreakfast is one of the most important meals during the day. After sleeping, body needs nutrients for physical and mental activities ahead of us. Proper breakfast ensures that we have enough energy, not only in the first part of the day. Same is when we eat according to Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

fish stew-1Recipes for Mediterranean Diet are recipes made using foods appropriate for Mediterranean cuisine. This diet regime don't have to be hypocaloric, but Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets for weight management, fat loss included.

Low Carb Mediterranean Diet

eggs-peas-cheese-salad-smalLow Carb Mediterranean Diet is normal Mediterranean Diet with reduced carbohydrate intake. It is great weight loss diet, especially when cycling carbs - for many people, cycling carbs and eating Mediterranean Diet foods is practically a lifestyle.

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

fish-stew-recipe-2-7Mediterranean Diet is diet suitable not only as lifestyle, but also as diet for weight loss. Mediterranean Diet weight loss can be significant, but if you need to lose plenty of body weight, go on a Mediterranean Diet, but don't lower your calories too much.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

md-pyramid-mmd-pyramid-m2Mediterranean Diet food pyramid represents types and amounts of foods consumed on Mediterranean Diet and in Mediterranean cuisine, in general. Things have changed during past few centuries and so have amounts of foods that are recommended in last few decades ...

The Greek Mediterranean Diet Plan - Kalamata Olive Diet

kalamata-olives-mkalamata-diet-fish-mThe Greek Mediterranean Diet Plan - Kalamata Olive Diet is form of Mediterranean Diet. Kalamata olives are variety of olives that have several benefits, but also drawbacks, compared with 'ordinary' olives. But, combining kalamata olives health benefits with other benefits of Mediterranean Diet can results in a useful and practical diet - a lifestyle for people wanting to become and stay fit and healthy.

Working Out on the Mediterranean Diet

md-mojca-1mmd-mojca-mIntensity, frequency, periodization etc of workouts on the Mediterranean Diet or any other diet depend on your goals and many other individual things that make all of us - different. That doesn't mean that you have to be a 'rocket scientist' to have great workouts even on low calorie Mediterranean Diet :o)

Supplements on Mediterranean Diet

labrada-prov602steamed-broccoli-and-salmon-mMediterranean cuisine is rich in all macro and micro nutrients that human body needs to function perfectly, athletes included. But, in modern world, we don't always have time for shopping and cooking the way we want - that is when supplements come to play ...

Mediterranean Diet for Men

man back mOne of the reasons why I really like Mediterranean Diet is that it is great diet for all, both men and women, young and old. Why is Mediterranean Diet highly recommended for men, too? Because it provides needed nutrients in balanced ratios and amounts needed for male body to function properly.

Mediterranean Diet Food List

fish-stew-recipe-2-mMediterranean Diet food list is the list of foods found in 'original' Mediterranean Diet with addition of foods suitable for 'modern' version of Mediterranean Diet. This list is not final - different areas of Mediterranean consumed foods that was available locally and that food varied.